Nespresso Inissia Espresso Maker Review


Nespresso Inissia review

Are you tired of buying your favorite cup of coffee regularly because it consumes most of your money and leaves you broke at the end of the month? Well then, you should buy a high-quality home espresso machine called Nespresso Inissia. You might have heard about the Nespresso range of espresso makers and must be well aware of their compactness. What makes Inissia different from other Nespresso products is that it is highly affordable and contains all of the remarkable features that a high-quality coffee maker should. Here are two of the most attractive features that will make you buy it right after you finish reading this review.

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Key Features

Water Reservoir That Can Hold Sufficient Water: You might be wondering that since it is a small and compact unit, it might also have a small water container and won’t be able to hold enough water. Let us assure you that you won’t have to refill the tank as frequently as you are thinking. Yes, it does have teensy dimensions, but that doesn’t put an adverse impact on its water tank. It can conveniently hold up to 700ml of water, which is surely more than expected. Moreover, it comes with a lid which prevents spillage between the machine and taps.

Simple and Quick to Use: This model doesn’t support complex programming that might take your precious hours for making a cup of coffee. You simply have to plug it in, fill up the water tank, attach it to the machine, connect the capsule at the open cavity, and shut the maker with the handle. Then, you just have to select one of two buttons which are Lungo and Espresso. Once you press the desired button, it will start heating up and in just thirty seconds, you will be served with a perfect cup of coffee.



Out of 1,000 reviews on Amazon, about 906 are positive. It’s not wrong to say that buying Inissia is surely a smart choice. It is a compatible, affordable, and high-quality product which gives a high-level performance and makes an excellent cup of coffee just like your favorite cafĂ©. Few of the reviewers have complained that this model has a small water reservoir, but most sound happy with it. If you have a huge family or use exceptionally large mugs, you might feel that reservoir should be a bit larger. Other than that, we don’t think it is a significant issue. In the end, I must add that if you want to have the perfect espresso experience at home, buy this product because it is worth your money.

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