Nespresso D111-US-BK-NE1 Review


Nespresso D111-US-BK-NE1 Review

Who doesn’t love coffee? But not everyone can have it every single day. Undoubtedly, buying coffee from a coffee shop every day can cost you a fortune. It is better to accumulate all the money you waste purchasing a cup of coffee and invest it in a good-quality coffee machine. We agree that people often feel reluctant in buying a coffee maker because of their huge size. They take a lot of space in your kitchen and make it difficult to clean and maintain them.

If you do not want to use large and bulky espresso makers, we have got just what you have been looking for: the Nespresso Citiz D111-US-BK-NE1. It is a sleek, classy, and compact espresso machine that can be fit anywhere. Here are two of the most talked about features of the product.

Key Features

Makes a Perfect Cup of Espresso in No Time – The best thing about this model is that it brews your coffee in just twenty-five minutes. When you turn on the unit, it will heat up very speedily from a dead-cold state. If we precisely calculate the time, it will take hardly one minute from turning this device on to getting your perfect cup of coffee. Moreover, if you ever forget to turn it off when you are in a hurry, then don’t worry at all as it will automatically turn itself off after few minutes of non-use.

Water Reservoir with Adequate Space – Most of the people complain that a compact espresso maker doesn’t come with a good size water tank. Well, this is not the case with the Nespresso Citiz. It has a water tank of about thirty-four ounces or one liter. This means that it can make a maximum of about eight mugs filled with espresso before you can fill the tank again.

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Conclusion and Customer Reviews

The model has a very high rating on Amazon. People who have bought this item are clearly delighted with the results. Most people have praised its space-saving design, ergonomics, adequate water container, automatic features, and quick brewing. The only thing that people don’t like is that it doesn’t come with the capsules, so you will have to buy them separately. However, other devices that are highly expensive don’t come with a life-long supply of pods, so it is even. Besides, you won’t be able to find the remarkable features that it has in any other heavy machines.

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