DeLonghi ECAM23460S Review


DeLonghi ECAM23460S Review

The automatic coffee-making machines are a new trend in the market that every next person is trying to follow, and that is why their popularity keeps on increasing. These machines enable you to get the fastest brewing with the best and consistent results. With the steadily growing brands and models, it can be quite daunting to pick the one that not only works best but also meets your requirements completely.

Whether you want to prepare a simple espresso or fancy lattes, with the DeLonghi ECAM23460S, you can make the perfect cup of coffee just the way you want. It is simple, fast and convenient.

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Key Features of DeLonghi ECAM23460S

Easy to clean – The maintenance and cleaning of a coffee maker were never as simple as it is with this machine. It contains an automatic decalcification cycle that begins cleaning after each brewing session is completed. The system also features indicator lights that will notify you when the cleaning of the machine is due. The more frequently you clean it, the longer it will last and the better it will perform.

Easy to use – Even if you are a novice who does not know much about preparing coffees or using a coffee machine in particular, you will find this one pretty simple and straightforward to use. It has a display of two text lines that can be shown in up to sixteen languages for clearer instructions. Also, it allows you to make two crema-rich coffee cups in a single brewing cycle.



With the DeLonghi ECAM23460S machine, you can make cappuccinos, Italian macchiato, lattes and other types of coffee. It has been positively reviewed by several satisfied buyers because of its efficiency in quickly making perfect cups of coffee and ease of use. You can completely customize the settings to prepare the coffee according to your choice. Whatever you prepare, you will get a delicious, creamy coffee with dense milk foam at the perfect temperature.

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