Breville ESP8XL Review


Breville ESP8XL Review

There is a variety of home espresso machines that deliver excellent results, but they are highly expensive. On the other hand, some cheap ones that one can easily find at departmental stores never let people enjoy the perfect espresso experience because they make a drink that looks like espresso but doesn’t possess the qualities that only an authentic espresso can have.

However, some well-known companies, like Breville, are trying their best to overcome this issue. Breville has introduced its affordable espresso maker which is pushing the boundary to the next level. It is called Café Roma, a durable stainless steel machine which has astounding features that even more expensive espresso makers lack.

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Dual-Wall Technology in Filter and Thermostat – The Café Roma comes with a dual-wall filter which provides the perfect thick and creamy froth just like the ones you have in big coffee shops. Moreover, the thermostat also contains dual-wall technology. It handles and controls both temperature and pressure, allowing you to make the real espresso with the right measurements. Also, the thermostat has the 15-bar Thermoblock heating technology which doesn’t let heat escape from the machine, resulting in flawlessly warm espresso.

User-Friendly Design and Accessories – The ESP8XL is a very elegant machine with stainless steel housing. It contains a 1 2/7 qt. sized water tank, which is comparatively larger than other medium-priced and some costly coffeemakers. It also comes with two coffee cups that are made of stainless steel. Moreover, if you ever decide to drink your coffee later, you can use the cup warmer that keeps coffee at the right temperature for a good time. Another good thing is that it has a drip tray which holds the coffee spills.


Conclusion and Customers’ Reviews

Most people who bought this item are deeply satisfied with it. One of the best features according to customers is its simplicity. You just need to fill the water container, heat it, and turn the knob to select steam or espresso. Other than that, its dual wall filters and thermostat allow customers to enjoy the best espresso at home. However, some people don’t like the filters that make the frothy cream because it becomes clogged after three or four uses. However, that shouldn’t be a problem with the easy cleaning and maintaining of this machine.

All in all, this model gives the best experience of drinking espresso at home at a very reasonable rate. If you compare some high-priced makers with this one, it will surely win because it is an affordable, high-quality espresso maker with incredible specifications, making it a must-have.

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