Breville BES980XL Review


Breville BES980XL Review

Often, people look for an espresso maker that can make every type of coffee just like a professional barista would. Of course, it is better to buy a maker than spend twenty-five dollars every day at a café to satisfy your needs. However, the problem arises when high-priced and high-quality machines don’t allow you to make different coffees and espressos.

If this is the problem with you, consider it solved because there is a hybrid system that will let you brew barista-style lattes, espressos, Americanos, and cappuccinos that look and taste just like your favorite café. This product is called the Oracle Espresso Machine by Breville. It automatically grinds and tamps the coffee beans and maintains the best brewing temperature, which allows you to extract the richest and fullest flavor of coffee.

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Key Features

Built-In Grinder – The paramount feature of the Oracle is its built-in coffee grinder. It can easily be adjusted between forty separate fineness settings and contains a locking mechanism, enabling you to grind the beans directly into the portafilter. It also comes with an adjustable automatic tamping system which tamps the coffee for you.

Adjustable and Automatic Frothing – The product comes with an amazing steam wand. You can program the maker to froth your milk automatically on a gradient between a cappuccino and a latte because it is fitted with a temperature probe and powerful 4-hole tip, allowing you to flip the switch and make any coffee you like. Moreover, this machine permits for entirely manual frothing, letting you improve your coffee-making skills inside your home.


Conclusion and Customers’ Reviews

This model has more than 80% positive reviews, meaning that it is no doubt one of the most favorable espresso makers in the market. Most customers love its automated features, quality of construction, hot water outlet that works for tea and hot chocolate, and programmability. However, some customers find this product highly expensive. In my opinion, the price is quite acceptable since it has an abundance of features that a medium-priced model doesn’t offer and allows you to make so many espresso alternatives. If you’re looking for a durable, high-quality product that allows you to make barista-style coffee, you should surely buy this product because it won’t let you down.

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