Breville BES920XL Review


Breville BES920XL Review

If you are fond of coffee but can’t make a professional cup of espresso or Americano at home and have to visit an expensive cafĂ© which is consuming most of your income, then you don’t have to worry anymore because Breville has the best solution for you. Thanks to Breville, you can brew and descale coffee beans in the comfort of your home and get the same result as a skilled coffeemaker.

The BES920XL is an updated version of its predecessor, the BES900XL, which blew away customers with its myriad features yet had some flaws that needed to be corrected. This new version is a flawless one and classified as the best home espresso machine. It has a modern but convenient feature which allows you to have an aromatic, delightful, and strong cup of drink all the time.

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Key Features

Dual Boilers: It is the specialty of an ideal product to deliver water to grounded coffee at an optimal pressure of nine bars and at a stable and consistent temperature. This particular item achieves this combination with the help of its dual stainless steel boiler. This maker contains two separate boilers, namely Espresso Boiler and Steam Boiler, which work together to offer powerful steam instantly and a flawless espresso shot.

Dual Italian Vibe Pumps: It also features Italian-made dual vibe pumps, which are a 4.5-bar Ceme that fills the steam boiler and a 15-bar ULKA that brews. Both of the pumps are soundless, which means they work quietly and deliver the best result at an ideal pressure. Moreover, the lower pressure pump refills the steam boiler without allowing any inconsistency to leak in the brew pressure throughout extraction.



This is one of the most top rated coffee makers on Amazon. The two determining characteristics that the customers love about it are simplicity and functionality. The only issue that people are mentioning is that the product is somewhat larger in size as compared to other models. However, if you are getting a machine that delivers you with the best drink right at your home, surely space shouldn’t be a problem. All in all, this product has a variety of innovative features, which results in the production with perfection every time which no one should miss.

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