Breville 800ESXL Review


Breville 800ESXL Review

The designers of the Breville 800ESXL have ensured that the product is beautiful and functional at the same time. It has many remarkable features which include an excellent heating system, an Italian designed pump, and a dual-wall crema system.

Key Features

The purging feature – The product comes with an extremely convenient purging feature. It automatically ensures that the water temperature adjusts after the steam is let out. Espresso cannot be extracted if the temperature is too high or low. It needs to be a particular amount while it is dealt with to attain fruitful results. Many espresso machines do not have this feature, and you need to deal with the temperature manually.

Triple Prime Pump – The Triple Prime Pump is a unique feature in the 800ESXL that has made the espresso-making procedure much more efficient. The machine bursts three times more amount of hot water than normal devices do. The hot water is used to make the ground coffee beans moist, which will give your coffee an excellent flavor and a natural essence. The water also helps extract the flavor quickly.


Customer Reviews and Conclusion

Most customers praised the product for its sturdiness and well-built design. One customer also mentioned that she had used machines much expensive than the 800ESXL, but even they did not froth and produce cream the same way. Another remarkable feature that customers noticed was that as soon as you switch on the appliance, the top part heats up automatically.

On the other hand, a few customers had some complaints as well. One of them said that the machine did not work at all. Secondly, another user complained that the machine drips at odd times and is quite loud.

Overall, most of the consumers were happy with the its performance and said it was much better than the espresso machines they have used in the past.

You can check more features & customer feedbacks here.

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